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strange situation regarding windows 7 license info

09 February 2012 - 01:18 PM

Hi, I just joined the forums today, but have been using malwarebytes for a while and its a great program. i've read a lot on these forums and even got some help with some issues along the way. i have a somewhat strange situation and am not sure what to do or what this even applies to as far as where i should post this, i've already posted in the microsoft answers forums and can provide a link to that disucussion but its not seemingly leading anywhere. i'm not sure this is even a malware issue but admit i'm not sure.

i use a dell inspiron duo. its the convertible netbook that can be used as a tablet.

running 7 home premium.

i am a self taught computer guy, or SCACT self certified amateur computer technician lol.

anyway this problem strikes me as strange. the info given when i enter the 'winver; command used to show the computer was registered and licensed in a normal manner. like my other pc's. now however, it shows that it is licensed to a hotmail address 'edlm83'

this hotmail account appears to belong to someone else and all i have been able to do was to search the email address, and send an email asking why my computer was registered to whoever's that is. no response.

we bought the computer straight from dell, online, unless we were misled somehow. i only noticed this problem becuz i recently started exploring IIS functions and noticed under the 'about' setting on the context menu in IIS that it said the same thing. some arabic or other writing along with the email address edlm83 at hotmail.

please tell me what info i can provide to help get this fixed as i can't imagine what has gone down.