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May have a virus

19 August 2010 - 02:15 AM

Occasionally when I start up my laptop and enter my password on the profile screen, it takes me to a basic set-up with standard wallpaper and all my files bar firefox, IE and a few other icons have disappeared. If I go to the start menu all the programs installed on my machine are still there and if I do a search, I can find all the files. This problem goes away if I do a system restore and tends to happen after I update my virus software (Kaspersky) or after a windows updae it seems to happen a lot.

Today I tried to run Malwarebytes quick and full scan but it stopped for some reason, the quick scan stopped after 6-8 minutes and the full scan after 1 hour and 45 minutes (give or take).

Any recommendations? What should I run next and post and I can't post a Malwarebytes scan (I did the renaming trick too).

This has been a bit of an on-going problem but it's got worse recently. I have previously run my Kaspersky scan and Malwaregytes and they both have never picked up anything nasty at all.