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google redirects and possible rootkit?

26 January 2013 - 02:24 AM


Okay, so I was on the pirate bay, and I know that I shouldn't be on there but I was trying to find an old bruce lee movie. :P

And on the pirate bay there is a button that says "ANONYMOUS DOWNLOAD", and the reason I clicked on that was because for some reason the "GET TORRENT" button wasn't working on my laptop.

After I clicked and opened it, it was a setup for something called "Privitize VPN" I believe, and I assumed that it just had to install that to download the movie or files the user desires but in a secure connection or so.

My KIS 2013 blocked a malicious URL during the setup, so after the setup was done it didn't do anything with the movie, so I got suspicious and uninstalled "Privitize VPN" from programs and features.

But now my homepage got changed to
and it kept redirecting to that.

I've so far just changed my homepage on IE and google chrome back to google.ca and changed the search engine back to google too, and disabled an extention in the manage add ons by Privitize VPN.

Running a quick scan with MBAM came clean, but I'm still worried that there still may be something still left in my computer.

http://www.zimbio.co...tions Step Step

After reading these articles, searchab is a parasitic browser hijacker and some of them say how it comes with a rootkit.

Could you guys reccomend me some steps to do and remove this completely? Thanks.

Problems installing Nvidia Drivers

01 January 2013 - 01:36 PM


so yesturday, I had the GeForce 306.97 Driver WHQL installed, but I hadn't installed the GeForce 310.70 Driver WHQL because some people were saying how it's the same as the beta drivers but just tagged with WHQL.

However, some of the stuff on the 306.97 drivers kept crashing and wouldn't work such as the the update function, so I decided to upgrade.

Before doing so, I tried uninstalling the 306.97 drivers, and while doing that, my computer monitor went black and my computer wouldn't respond, and every minute I would get a weird beep from my computer motherboard I believe, not from my speakers.

A couple minutes later, it started to beep in a different way, so I decided to restart my computer. It hadn't fully uninstalled, so I ran the uninstaller again. I tried running Driver Fusion, however since I didn't have the premium version of it, of course it hadn't let me remove everything that I could have.

I had the HD audio drivers and Physx installed, and since I was having some trouble with them before, I tried uninstalling those since they were left. The uninstallers on both of them always gave me some weird message about something about new hardware or something, and I got that message even when I restarted my computer 3 times.

So I installed Advanced Uninstaller Pro and tried uninstalling it from there, but it hadn't worked, so I made the software scan for registry keys and files left over from Physx and HD audio drivers, and it removed all of the things that it found.

I decided to just give up at this point and just install GeForce 310.70 Driver WHQL, everything installed but the Physx drivers, so I downloaded the newest version of Physx, and an older version which I believe I had previously.

I tried installing the newest version, and I get a "installation terminated" error. Also, while trying to install the older version, I get the same message, with a pop up after saying "Installation ended prematurely because of an error."

So is there anything I can do? When I go into control panel, I can't find the setup for Physx to modify or uninstall it.

Thanks :)