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Kaspersky vs MalwareBytes

11 November 2008 - 06:25 AM

So I'm curious..upon first install I ran MalwareBytes 1.3.0..it found 3 things..1 of which the infamous Trojan.Alert..& 2 Registry Keys..anyway that isn't the point at all..so I removed them..it made the log..then said it needed to restart my computer to finish everything..so I let it..

As it was killing processes preparing to shutdown Kaspersky popped up & told me MalwareBytes was trying to download a driver in a "hidden" way..the path was Local/Windows/System32/GXTMR.sys

I accepted it..since I figured well..I got the program from your site..I doubt it's malicious..

Anyway here I am..wondering what GXTMR.sys is :-)

Google brought up nothing :-*(

Thanks Much ^^