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Clean or reinstall? How long is it taking you to clean and R U successful?

23 July 2009 - 08:39 AM

I used to be able to clean up malware from people's machines. But more recently, I'll spend loads of time on it getting rid of the bad stuff, but it seems that they are so ingrained in the OS, that Windows just doesn't run right or doesn't even boot up at all once the crap is removed.

I'm wondering how long it takes people to clean their machines typicall or ow much time do you spend before giving up / reinstalling windows and all the apps?

Most recently, I was cleaning a person's 6 year old celeron that had the UAC rootkit. I think I got rid of all the bad stuff but now as soon as you log in in normal mode, it reboots. Safe mode works OK. Sure I could work on this some more, but wonder how much time it'll take and if it gets going now, will it run OK (it seems that after malware removal, the OS just isn't the same as it was before, even if the malware is completely gone).

microsoft should hire these guys to write windows. You can't kill these malware, but windows crashes real easy : )


How do you get the latest updates manually (for a UBS drive)

21 November 2008 - 09:51 AM

How can I fully update the app from a thumb drive? I have the app on the thumb drive. And there's a link on this page to download updates... but as of right now, when the program will update from inside the program to update 1414, this link is only 1410.


(scroll to the bottom and follow the link for the database update:

Latest Database
Download from GT500.org

when a machine is so messed up that I can't / don't want to get it on the internet for the most recent update, I'd like to be able to update it with a thumb drive.

thank you!