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I might have been bamboozled.

25 June 2013 - 09:46 PM

*Hangs head in shame* Ok, I guess this is time for me to come clean, I recently updated my mbam and now I have the "Oops, your license may be pirated" Malwarebytes is truly an awesome piece of software and I would love to continue to use it, I will pay the $14 for it, just one question.. By clicking the "buy now button" is that, for the creators a confirmation that the piece of software is...*gulp*...stolen? Does that mean black apache hellicopters and unmarked SUVs will come to my house and arrest me? (semi sarcastic) I got the serial from a friend, who honestly said he was gifting it to me, and I took it, I wanted to have the awesome software and at the time I didn't have the money, and after almost two years shamefully depriving you of your snack money ;) I have been found out. I honestly will buy it, I have my credit card ready, I'm just worried once I hit buy and enter my card the FBI or NSA will come to my door and arrest me, like is this a ruse? I have NEVER pirated anything else in my life, everything is legit on my computer, no cracks, stolen serials (...sadly except mbam) and I just wanna have this set all legit. I am truly sorry, at the time I knew what I did was wrong, but it was the "sweet! free software!" mentality. Please, I meant no one harm. :(