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  1. Update to those that subscribed to this post. Beta 3 is now available above!
  2. Hi all, as Pedro said, we are very excited about this beta. A few common questions came up and so I'll link a few of Pedro's answers that were scattered around the forums. I have MBAM and MBAE. Why do I need Anti-Ransomware? How do I report a False Positive? Also, as many of you guessed, this will not be a standalone product/agent but rather rolled into our existing products.
  3. Hello everyone! Malwarebytes wants to ensure that you have uninterrupted protection from malware — even on the very latest operating systems. We’re happy to announce that the following Malwarebytes products now officially support Windows 10: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free and Premium Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Free and Premium Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Business Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit for Business Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Remediation Tool Malwarebytes Endpoint Security All of the above products have been tested and verified as working as expected on Windows 10, provided you have updated to the latest available version. You can check on the latest version of a product by visiting its release history page on our website at
  4. Paul, wonder if just the presence of the file (in encrypted form!) caused Windows to trigger a recovery. We do suggest decrypting the quarantined item using a clean machine and restoring it to Desktop and then copying over to affected machines and rebooting.
  5. Hi guys, this appears to be an isolated incident. If you're having issues contacting sales or support, go immediately to me and I'll get you routed;
  6. We've had issues prioritizing resources unfortunately, we are working on some interesting stuff though, but I don't have timelines . Maybe I'll pick up a compiler and work it over
  7. One of the biggest request from customers has been a version of Malwarebytes for the Mac. As of today, I'm happy to say that has officially changed with the announcement of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac! While we firmly believe that the threat landscape for Mac is not as mature as it is for Windows, there are still significant issues around the operating system. One prime example is the evolution of adware and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) which Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac detects and removes extremely well. I wanted to take a moment to introduce Thomas Reed, our new Director of Mac Offerings. We acquired Thomas' product called AdwareMedic and his blog The Safe Mac because we truly believed that his product was the best in the market. Thomas will lead us through the same battle on the Mac that we've been fighting on Windows for 7 years now. A post from him will follow mine. For the time being, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac is only a removal tool. It will scan for, and remove adware, PUPs, and various types of malware, and it will do it all for free if you're a home user. If you're a business user, just fill out a form here and we'll let you know when we have a business version. I'm very excited to have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac join our portfolio of products and to have Thomas on the team .
  8. If you upgraded to 2.1.8 with no problems, your license was legitimate and will continue to report correctly to our licensing system for life.
  9. Hi everyone, I never do this, but I'm going to close this thread before it turns into a silly fight. We decided to give a small number of licenses out because we weren't certain of the key source and we didn't want to harm those who may have bought it on eBay or another legitimate source but from a illegitimate person. If you truly feel cheated and want a refund, just message me. We'll give you back your money and turn off your license key. We really are trying to do right by our users, and that includes those that may have been hurt by someone other than us. EDIT: This is the type of situation we were trying to solve for.
  10. I think the original question is around the perpetual license. If you bought a lifetime license in 2010 it will still be a lifetime license today, even after you upgrade to 2.1.8.
  11. That is indeed one reason why we're being generous. We realize some people paid someone for a pirated key. When the next stage comes, we will feel a lot better about who we've licensed correctly and we will be able to tighten more down.
  12. Sure thing, happy to give you a refund immediately. Please send me your reference number or your e-mail.
  13. If you send me a message with where you got the key, i.e. you got it from one of us, or you bought it from a website, we can issue a new key and fix all that up for you .
  14. Hi everyone, please let me take the opportunity to clear everything up. When I started Malwarebytes, I absolutely had no idea how successful we would be today. I am extremely grateful for all of the support from everyone and how fast we've grown. That being said, I picked a very insecure license key algorithm and as such, generating a pirated key was, and is, very simple. The problem with pirated keys it that they may collide with a legitimate key just by the sheer numbers. For example, Larry may generate a pirated key that matches the exact key that I already bought. Yes, this is silly, and yes, this is literally the first thing a professional software company thinks of when building license key generation, but when you think you're building a product for just a few people you don't hash out these details. Now we've grown up, and we've got a new licensing system that we've rolled out in stages. The only problem is that we have millions of users that we've sold keys to, or a reseller has sold keys to, or we've given out keys to without keeping track. It is a mess, and you as a consumer have every right to be upset. The first stage of this program is to collect data from our users. What keys are still alive, and who are they used by. If you are a true pirate, the furthest you will get is a year's worth of Malwarebytes. I wish we could handle each of the keys manually and determine if they are legitimate, but there are tens of millions of them and so we've automated the process a bit to cut them down. After that cut down, which is when a user selects an option, we will be going through the uses manually. Again, I know this doesn't excuse those who feel cheated because they bought the software. I am happy to work with you on some free shirts, or a free copy of anti-exploit as you continue to support us through this process.