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  1. I've always understood the "objects" were not merely representing files. The way you have explained things, I guess I have nothing to worry about. I was simply curious. Never hurts to ask about something you don't understand, eh? Thank you so much, not only for the quick response, but also for answering my question.
  2. I always do a full scan of my system. I maximize the scan on my display and keep track of it as it progresses. Always, after slightly less than an hour of elapsed time and approximately 194,000 "Objects Scanned," the number of "Objects Scanned" suddenly jumps to over 312,000 "Objects Scanned" and the scan completes. That's a sudden jump of over 118,000 objects. I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this behavior? The same thing happens no matter what the results of the scan are in regard to malware found or not.