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  1. This is indeed an F/P (the block was inadvertently put on the parent instead of offending hostname (associated with the Locky Ransomware)). The block will be corrected on the next update.
  2. The block is being removed on the next update.
  3. These aren't zero-day, nor are they targeted toward you by anyone. The hostname is blocked because it is involved in malvertising (malicious advertising). The JS attacks aren't attacks either, they're benign tracking etc files, used by the majority of sites and ad networks.
  4. It's blocked because TP-Link do not own the domain anymore (they let it expire a few months ago, along with a few others). When and if they register it again, it'll be unblocked.
  5. To add to Andres' post, the block was temporarily removed a day or two ago, whilst further investigation is done.
  6. This is not an F/P. If you're seeing blocks for it, your machine I'm afraid, is infected (domain is associated with Adware.SwiftBrowse (aka Adware.BrowseFox)). Please follow the instructions at;
  7. This is not an F/P (the domain is involved in adware etc). It's likely coming via the ad networks on the sites you're loading.
  8. This is not an F/P (domain is involved in adware, courtesy of a company from Tel Aviv)
  9. This has already been unblocked
  10. We're blocking the IP, not the domain. The IP has been housing malicious content for over a year (your domain isn't the only one using it)
  11. The site has been re-checked and as the offending content has gone, the block has been removed.
  12. These were resolved several hours ago (domain is used by adware, amongst other things). Please check your database version.
  13. The block will be removed on the next update.
  14. Sorry for the delay. The update should be out within the hour if it isn't already.
  15. We're not blocking, nor its IP.