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  1. The site has been re-checked and is being unblocked on the next update.
  2. The site has been re-checked and as the offending content has been removed, the site is being unblocked on the next update.
  3. Sorry for the delay. I can't reproduce this block thus far. We're not blocking the hostname, parent nor the IPs it resolves to. An NSLookup for it here (checked on 4 different machines) shows the results correctly; > Server: Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name: Addresses:
  4. Please post the protection log (we're not blocking *
  5. Block will be removed on the next update.
  6. Put simply; 1. This is not an F/P. The site is selling prescription drugs to countries it is not legally allowed to do so. 2. Legit pharmaceutical DO NOT hide their registration data As for the Marketwire snippet/link you posted, I've heard nothing about that.
  7. Please do not post live links. The block was due to the IP housing a phish. As the host has suspended the offender, the block is being removed.
  8. Update to correct it has already gone out (was identified and corrected within approx 5-10 mins, update was out within 15 mins)
  9. Unfortunately, I don't currently have that functionality available to me.
  10. There's still malicious files on that site (e.g. hxxps:// /edit I've added the missing entry to hpHosts (not sure why it wasn't in there) /edit 2 Related:
  11. We weren't actually blocking The block on is however, being removed.
  12. The block was due to the domain' housing a Dropbox phish. As it currently shows as suspended, I can't verify the site has been cleaned. In saying that, as it's suspended, the block will be removed and when live again, will be re-checked, if it has indeed been unblocked, we will not put the block back again.
  13. Prior to the 3rd (today), every site on the IP, including directly on the IP itself (hxxp://, was housing malicious content. Thus far, there's still been no response from GoDaddy. However, both the site and all affected domains now appear to have been cleaned up, as such, the block will be removed.
  14. This is not an F/P. There is a multitude of phishes on this IP across a variety of domains (including quite a few new ones identified today). The host has been notified.
  15. It's not an F/P, no. Their site is being abused by fraudsters. However, the block is being temporarily removed for now.