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  1. Due to several deaths in our extended families since the death of my brother (her husband) she hasn't been able to settle down and concentrate on 'normal' problems.
  2. Sister-in-law is a novice with previous trojan problems.... that one was 'taken care of' by a so-called tech who wiped the HDD. She had a huge variety of crud on her computer, including the whole family of my web search. After doing an uninstall of many programs via Add/Remove in control panel, I had her dl and use Spybot S&D, which did a good job, however it showed she had zlob, which S&D couldn't remove. I had her dl and run RogueRemover. Thanks for the great program RD After running RR, I had her dl smitfraud.fix. That's when we discovered a new problem. She can't boot into safe mode. f8 did nothing with many attempts. I finally had her go into msconfig (knowing we might have a problem getting the machine to boot normally, but the trojan was a bigger problem!) and found all the boot options were greyed out. The HJT I had her dl was a zip file, and she was unable to unzip it. She is now away from her home for several days, which gives me time to find some help for her. Her hosts file is intact, for what it's worth. Her OS was OEM. The tech (during the prior incident) cobbled together a CD for her to use, however it isn't an official Windows XP cd. She is on a dsl connection, her fw and av are outdated, so definitely needs to uninstall those and install new. Any and all suggestions are welcome! When she gets back to her home, I will have her dl the HJT from Trend using your link. Thanks in advance Piney