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  1. Hi, We do not have a whitelist program in the way you describe. Also because we've experience this can also be abused and can lead to false negatives. We do have procedures & preventions in our back end to help prevent/lessen the number of false positives but we do not have vendors upload files they wish to be whitelisted. If some of your clients are seeing false detections by our product on your program(s), please direct them to this site where they can follow the instructions for attaching MBAM logs & a zipped copy of the file(s) being detected.
  2. Hi, This will get fixed in next database update 2016.07.05.11 which should be live in 5 minutes. thanks for reporting!
  3. Hi, This was fixed 2 weeks ago already when this was reported. Can you verify with this user please? Also, for future reference, to get a False Positive resolved as soon as possible, please zip and attach the file that was detected, since we can't do much with screenshots. Thanks!
  4. Hi, This has been fixed already, please update to database version v2016.07.01.04 Thanks for reporting btw.
  5. Hi, This will get fixed in next database update. Thanks for reporting!
  6. Hi, This looks like an FP indeed and will get fixed in next database update. Thanks for reporting!
  7. Hi, Mind to elaborate a bit more? Is this is file detection or website detection? If a file detection, please zip and attach the file to your post that was detected. Also, I assume this is about our normal malwarebytes scanner and not our beta antiransomware scanner?
  8. Hi, Our detection stays as outlined in detail here already: As an additional note, this program was also submitted to us multiple times before, where it was pushed on their PC - how it displayed so called errors (severe) on brand new PCs. When we flag something as Unwanted, it's also because we take note of user reviews + the fact that it has been submitted to us so many times already where we were asked to list as PUP - as that's what this exactly means, Potentially Unwanted Program https://www.trustpilot.com/review/tweakbit.com https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/tweakbit.com?utm_source=addon&utm_content=popup-donuts If he user purchased the program and is willing to keep it, all they have to do is ignore the detection (whitelist), or uncheck PUP detection.
  9. Hi, We don't whitelist toolbars since we don't want false negatives either.
  10. Hi, This is in process of getting fixed already. Next database update that will be pushed out in a few minutes won't detect this anymore. Thanks for reporting!
  11. This thread is for reporting a false positive. In this case, we don't detect any of these files that you uploaded. We don't typically whitelist files already - but we have other methods to prevent us detecting the above files you uploaded. Note, if you bundle these files and make use of an installwrapper that is known to be an installwrapper that bundles additional software with it, then we will detect this installwrapper. That's why we always ask for the actual installer instead.
  12. Hi, No files are detected here with our database.
  13. Hi, This will be reviewed by the PUP Team where detection will be removed if needed.
  14. Hi, This is no generic nor a false positive. We detect as PUP.Optional.Linkury - which means Potentially Unwanted Program, whereas most other Antivirus detect this as an actual Trojan as you can see here: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/cf38809a6606a6c2bed33d3271bfc6f1c2ad7661ff96a0b6a5ba74a302e285b2/analysis/1465817471/ Also see here why we detect something as PUP: https://www.malwarebytes.org/pup/
  15. Thanks, this helps so we have a clue what's going on. This will get fixed in next database update.