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  1. Hi formi, Thanks for beta testing. This FP has been fixed already. As for not being able to add folders as exclusions, I suggest you start a seperate thread for that, so someone can have a look. Thanks!
  2. Hi, Thank you for testing our beta and reporting this false positive. This has been fixed in a meanwhile, so this won't get detected anymore.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Hi, Thank you for testing our beta. We unfortunately can't do much with a screenshot, so please follow the instructions in below for the info we need: Thanks!
  5. Hi, Thanks for beta testing our program. Please see here for the data we need: Can you also zip and attach the exact version of explorer.exe that MBARW is detecting? Also, are you using Windows 10 Insider Preview? Thanks!
  6. Hi, Just reboot and then restore. In either way, since you posted the sample in above already, if you can't restore, just use the attached sample from your post to put it back in the correct location.
  7. Hi, This should have been fixed already. Can you verify please? Thanks!
  8. Hi, This was fixed already - are you using the latest beta version? Nevertheless, can you check and verify if you're still getting the same detection after restoring the file from quarantine? Also, thanks for reporting and testing our beta version - as this is the feedback we need
  9. Glad to hear. Many improvements were done to latest version, so it's good you updated.
  10. Hi, This should have been fixed already though. The fact that you excluded it doesn't show it in the logs anymore. So as a test, can you remove the exclusion and let me know if it's still detected? If so (still detected), please zip and attach the exact file it detected. Thanks!
  11. Hi, Does this still happen as of now? Yes, please, zip and attach the info needed as explained here: That way, we can verify if this was fixed already or not. Thanks!
  12. Hi, Can you check and verify if this file is still detected? Because we have fixed this already (if you are indeed talking about the DAO.21154721.exe file. In case it's a different file, please upload it as well IF it's still deteted, as we might have fixed this in a meanwhile as well. Alternatively, for future reference, it's a good idea to add the C:\Users\marc\AppData\Local\NVIDIA\NvBackend\Packages\ folder to your exclusion list. Thanks!!
  13. Hi, This was fixed already since more than 2 hours ago as of db 2016.09.13.08. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please update your database to latest build (as of db 2016.09.13.08 and up).
  14. Hi, This should have been fixed already, so please update your database. Thanks for reporting!
  15. Hi, This is an FP indeed and will get fixed in next database update. Thanks for reporting!!!