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  1. Mitch.....Firefox 35.01 is out....maybe an update there will help...
  2. @Wilpower......By Jove got it... Thanks It installed & is running problem solved Thanks everyone for you responces Greg
  3. thx pbust.....only AV is MSE, tryed w/protestion off....same error. My firewall asks weather to allow or block...nothing there! Rebooted & redownloaded 4 times so far, same error. W7 sp1 I'm begining to think Im sol !
  4. Thx daledoc1....I disabled SP, still a (file) window freeze, used task manager to close. here's the error I get - Mask me ask ; what file or folder should I download MBAE into ? Greg
  5. Something is preventing MBAE from installing. When I run set-up as admin, an hour-glass appears next to the pointer, like it's doing something, however, whatever window it's in, ( I've tried diferent places ), freezes up. Reboot to escape. Is there a special place I should dowdload the program to ? Is there some installation instructions I can see ? I had MBAE Bata, it expired, but I had no problems with it at all. Hope I'm in the right place for this.....some advice would be greatly apprecated. Thanks, Greg
  6. Thanks, I'll try OP2
  7. Malwarebytes has blocked svchost.exe. last log entry : 2012/06/03 07:59:16 -0700 GREG-PC GREG IP-BLOCK (Type: incoming, Port: 2, Process: svchost.exe) I'm not sure what this means or why it occurs. This is the third time. Should I be concerned ? Can anyone please explain ?