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  1. Hi All, It seems that some supporters, as well as moderators, of Malwarebytes are displaying some of the same tactics/characteristics that they find objectionable from IObit in this thread. This is unfortunate. Supporters of Malwarebytes may also read this forum and some will question some recent comments and and wonder... Please think about the implications of how you react in your posts! You may think you are winning the battle but you may just be contributing to loosing the war. Sometimes it is best not to post what you are thinking about; when it deals with subject matter on a personal level. CatDog
  2. Nhiebs, Fantastic, isn't it a great feeling when you beat the bad guys
  3. Good to hear! Just curious but what program(s) did you rely on to determine that you have no nasties?
  4. Having the same problem. Under the Update Tab>Current database information: >Date - it shows 2/6/2009 which is yesterday.
  5. Hi All, As bad as this may be, I doubt there is much one can do about it. A google of "Danielle_Horowitz" A google of "Danielle Horowitz" The results are different and do not seem to overlap. The two names are different; however similar they are.