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  1. Okay, database #2886 reports my PC is clean. The 19 trojans no longer appear. (Yes, I have Avast 4.8 free.)
  2. Yeah, I get the 19 trojans too after I updated an ran about 20 minutes ago. I'm not touching them.
  3. Avast, MBAM, and CCleaner. Best trifectorate ever.
  4. Yo! Kenny! Small world! I'm not surprised to see you here. Mr. Burns - "Ah, last we meet!"
  5. I learned today that it's best just to leave everything in quarantine (& not delete) till things are all sorted out. I stumbled onto this forum today just as MBAM told me I had those trojans everyone else got. The timing couldn't have been better. That's the kind of luck I'm not accustomed to so it threw me for a loop. I knew I liked MBAM, but this just confirms it even more. B)
  6. Glad I decided to find this forum before deleting all those SP3 wextract files. Close call.