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  1. Considering their Advanced System Care - (example log here) app, and the Security 360 app both use/incorporate HijackThis and rebranded it, I am not surprised by all this. Their excuse does not hold water. The evidence is damning. They've been using shady tactics, and if you think they'll own up, you're all dreaming. They won't. Case in point, they removed the detections, or so they say, of the items you guys pointed out. If that doesn't scream "I'm gonna keep hiding and doing what I do no matter how much you throw at me", I don't know what does. Curiously reminded of Spybot vs BulletProofSoft. Some of the real oldies around here probably will remember as well. Same thing happened then down to the fake trap defs. The thing is, even if you guys get them delisted and their reputation is ruined, they'll probably open up under another name and start over doing the same thing (except now they know what traps to avoid). All in all, a sad thing. But more proof that you guys are the ones to beat in the anti-malware software coding war.