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  1. Just as an follow-up, I was contacted by a McAfee representative and the problem appears to be resolved.
  2. Thanks for the help. Not really accustomed to using McAfee software, but I do find their siteadvisor software to be pretty good. I've been on these forums for a while and I have never seen a pop-up like that until today. I am going to mention this to the Mcafee community and see if anything can be done. Thanks for your help in a temporary fix wildman424.
  3. Hello, I just noticed this issue today. Every time I click on a category of the MBAM forum(for example comments and suggestions) I get an alert(first attachment) and the Mcafee web reputation(2nd attachment) is giving a false positive. Even though it is not MBAMs fault, just wanted to let the community know this site is being flagged by Mcafee as malicious. Thanks and have a good day
  4. Cooking up some shrimp on the barbie.
  5. I do not get it.
  6. Best survey I ever did.
  7. Thank you for answering my question.
  8. I know this question has been asked before, but I didn't see any promising answers when browsing through the topics. Malwarebytes process, mbam.exe and other MBAM processes have been taking up a ridiculous amount of memory, competing with the host process for the top memory hog. MBAM uses sometimes as high as 80,000 K memory or more even when the computer is on idle or MBAM isn't updating. I understand MBAM loads the definitions and information into memory, but are there plans in future versions to have a more cloud-integrated approach? I understand there will always be a need for signatures directly loaded onto computers that have no internet connection available due to an infection or whatever reason, but can MBAM be lightened up to have less of a system impact? *The attached image was taken when the UI was not open, no scanning and no updating taking place.
  9. Thankyou
  10. I am currently running Malwarebytes Pro edition, and was wondering if I unchecked the "Start With Windows" button located after clicking on the Malwarebytes logo in the system tray, would real-time protection be disabled at start-up?
  11. It worked very well. I scheduled the boot-time scan for restart,and immediately following restart, Malwarebytes opened the scan results log, showing the scan did occur. I really like this feature, one reason is becuase the time it took to scan was so quick I wasn't even sure at first if it scanned. I was wondering if this is a new feature in the 1.61 edition because I don't remeber seeing this option before. The availabilty of an boot-time scan is great and all antimalware and antivirus products should include a boot-time scanning option which would help eliminate malware easier and more effectively than in the regular windows mode and I am thankful Malwarebytes includes this feature, something my antivirus does not have. Thank you for your help.
  12. I have the PRO version, and look forward to trying it out.
  13. Are there any plans in the near future on implementing a boot-time scan option in Malwarebytes?
  14. Thank you everything is working as it should. Do you know how often I will have to go through this process?
  15. Yes I understand that but is there a way to make it "ignore" MBAM?