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  1. I have been using jungle disk for ages to do backup to Amazon servers and noticed an alert that malwarebytes blocked this connection tonight. Log shows: Malicious Website Protection, Domain,, I believe this is a FP - any comments?
  2. 1PW, here is the original log file. Hope that helps. Cheers Tom caphlog.txt
  3. 1PW -on 16 March I started a thread titled PUP.Optional.ProCleanerSoftware Caphyon as I was alerted by mbam to a registry key. This was showns as PUP and while I understood that a PUP may be harmless, I was still curious to find out where it came from. The information I gleaned from Google referred to some installer software and some cleaning software. The cleaning software did not mean anything to me and since I had not installed any new program recently, I found it strange. Subsequent to my posting thre were 18 or so responses, some relating to gamer software. I am not a gamer and other also confirmed having received the alert despite not using any gaming programs. When I logged on the next day I was surprised that my thread with all answers had just vanished and even now I cannot find any record despite still having the email alerts about responses. KenW suggested the thread might have dropped off the system due to a forum upgrade? Anyway, having done a new scan late yesterday, my pc comes up as clean and the previous offending registry key is no longer shown as offending despite still being on my pc. So I assume a definitions update may have solved the issue though I am only guessing here.
  4. Ken, I am not a regular here, so would not notice this change, just come here if I need to check something. I am baffled though that my whole thread with all responses has gone. Before going to bed there were quite a few people who had the same alert, not knowing what had caused it. I think it was leading to a possible false detection but now that the thread is gone, I am not sure anymore.
  5. What happened to my query from yesterday? I started to get replies and now the topic is gone and the link leads to nowhere? Looking via my profile to find my own thread, it's no longer there? Any reason for that?
  6. After the update , the scan is back to clean. Thanks for your quick work.
  7. Running V 2016.01.22.09 on Win 7 using Hostsman and MVPS Hosts and having the same issues ongoing. Log file and Hostfile attached. MwB.txt
  8. Daledoc - thanks for your response. I have now enabled Rootkit detection - let's see how it goes. If there is strong argument for not doing that, I would still be interested.I am not using encrypted drives. As for the automatic program update, again I would hope that someone from malwarebyte could clarify this. Otherwise I guess I will find out eventually.
  9. I just upgraded from V 1.75 to the latest 2.03 - so far so good. Looking at the dashboard and settings, I am checking how it is configured. In principle I see no need to modify settings but just wonder why "scan for rootkits" is not ticked by default. I understand that this may increase the scanning time but isn't detection more important? How are users normally using this function? Also, is the option to include a program update check in addition to the database update, only providing info that a new program update is available or will it be downloaded and installed automatically when ticked? I don't mind checking and being alerted but would prefer to do the update after preparing my pc (image).
  10. same problem on which OS?
  11. I am trying to access the shadow defender forum and Mbam pro 1.75 kicks with potentially malicious address Virustotal shows this as clean - could you please check if this is a FP.
  12. I noticed a new version of malwarebytes is out and was just wondering if anyone is running this together with NOD I am running Win 7 with the Mwb 1.7 version and everything is working fine. I do remember that on XP the Pro Version of Malwarebytes and NOD 5 and 6 were incompatible causing usb issues, so before upgrading I would appreciate some reassurance.
  13. Ron, while I probably won't have time today, I will do so later this week. I am however still confused what this file does. In order for you to get the info you look for, when would I run this file? Do I need to attempt the installation of the new version of mbam first and assuming it fails again then use the file? Should I run an uninstall with add/remove and then run this file or just run it to remove my currently perfectly running Version 1.61?
  14. Dear AdvancedSetup not sure if there is a misunderstanding. I did not run the mbam clean process before. When the problem occurred, I preferred to go back to the working status I had before trying the installation using my trusted FDSIR Rollback software. I assumed the mbam clean exe was to be used to completely remove any remnants of a corrupted install. Going back seems to me preferable to manually trying to clean up. If you think a clean install is better than the over-top installation I did before, I will give this a try with or without mbam clean exe.
  15. Thanks Guys, sorry I did not find the help file.. As for the upgrade to the latest version, this unfortunately ended up with BSOD. I am using XP SP3, MBAM is currently Version Pro and tried to install Version 1.65.1000 on top. My other AV is NOD 5 2.91.1 which I had deactivated during the installation process. The installation went through quickly, I restarted as suggested but never managed to fully boot up again. Either the boot up ended with my desktop coming up without access to any other programs, start function or taskbar gui and the system apparently hanging or I got the dreaded blue screen. I used a hard reboot several times with either result each time. At the end I decided to roll back to see if there are other suggestions. I am aware that since Version 5 NOD apparently has some issues with Mbam under certain conditions but was not sure that this would impact on the installation. Right now my old version of MBam is running with NOD and apart from the USB issue (that I work around), there are no problems. Obviously I would prefer to use the latest improved version of MBAM.