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  1. Excellent!
  2. Well done Marcin for dealing with this in a positive and sound commercial way
  3. Thanks. Will give that a try and let you know what happens. Vino
  4. Hi Marcin linky OP tried to update the database and got this error: An error occurred in function Load Database. When retrying, the OP reported: I tried again but I got the same result. The program is installed okay, but when I check for updates, it says there is no update available. Then it recommends me to download a new database. So when I download a new database (version 1.36 I think), it downloads up to three hundred something Kb and then gives the error messsage "An error occurred in function Load Database." The program shuts down after this point. If I try to open the program again, it gives the same error and shuts down. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program several times, but I got the same results as well. Any thoughts? Thanks Vino
  5. Great! I look forward to trying the new version out
  6. Tomorrow!
  7. Hi Marcin I have just had an OP use RR and got the following:
  8. Hi JeanInMontana The world is smaller than we think
  9. Hi kick It sunny with me... just pretty cold!
  10. Thanks All for your welcomes
  11. Hi to everyone at Malwarebytes - I certainly recognise a few names Came over to read up about RogueRemover and realised I wasn't a member So here I am!