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  1. You are doing your best to discourage someone who has registered on here to help you; and you alone. But since I have even-bothered - and if you can even be bothered to read my replies - I shall try for one last time. You are confusing the issue with problems from more than one computer. My first reply - to you - was in-answer to your problem which you stated directly-above my response to your problem: You said: "The same thing is happening on my other WinXP computer. We also cannot procede with the scan after it shows this PUM "threat," and therefore we have to click on EXIT. And then, the scan is not saved in the LOGS section." By pressing "EXIT" you are not pressing the correct buttons (in this case; and for the problem on this-computer-alone). If the English-word "tick" is troublesome for you; let me try-again using an English-to-English(us) dictionary: Uncheck the box to the left of "PUM.Disabled...." in the picture that you uploaded on page 1; then check the box again; then click on "Ignore"; then click on "Remove Selected" (a pop-up will appear); then click on "ok" (on this pop-up); then click on "Exit" (to exit the program). I only came on-here; only registered; and only replied; because I had this very-same-problem. I won't reply again.
  2. Un-tick; tick; ignore; remove selected; ok; exit.
  3. I had two "Pum.Disabled.SecurityCenter" warnings: Ending with "|UpdatesDisableNotify"; and "|AntiVirusDisableNotify". Although both were selected-automatically after a "quick scan", pressing "Ignore" did not work. However, by un-ticking both of them manually; followed-by ticking one of the "problems"; then pressing "Ignore"; it was moved-successfully to the "Ignore List". Ticking the other "problem"; then pressing "Ignore"; similarly-moved the other "problem" to the "Ignore List". When both "problems" had been moved to the "Ignore List"; and the results-list was blank; it was then necessary to press "Remove Selected"; where a pop-up stated that there was nothing-left to remove; I pressed "ok"; was taken-back to the main "Scanner" tab; where I could now click on the "Ignore List" tab; which-showed that both of the items had been successfully-added. Upon exiting and re-starting the program, the items were still on the "Ignore List"; and were not found to be "problems" upon re-scanning. I've laboured the point; used too many semi-colons; but I hope that that helps! Since I'll probably never post here again; thanks very much for the program, and thanks for everyone's great work! dmt