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  1. Hey Maurice...I finally figured it out, after 4 days! I came here and scoped out what others were told to do. I downloaded everything I could find, on the posts here, until one would download and run/scan. I came across "HitmanPro" and it worked!! Soon as that was done downloading, it scanned my laptop and caught two viruses. I then gave Malwarebytes another try and that worked as well. I was able to clean the laptop and get it back to running perfect! Thanks so much for your help anyways, appreciate it!
  2. Just found ERUNT in my downloads, that's a first. I click on it and nothing happens. It starts loading then stops...nothing more happens....Grrrrr
  3. Hey Maurice, sorry about the multiple posts. I followed your instructions here and came across a problem. I copied & pasted to notepad, I'm in safe mode, I downloaded ERUNT, but it's nowhere on my laptop. That's been happening since saturday. No matter what I download, it's nowhere to be found. I went on to downloading aswMBR.exe and when I clicked on download a box popped up saying: aswMBR.exe is not commonly downloaded and could harm the pc. Have no clue what the problem is. For some reason, I can't download anything...not even in safe mode.
  4. Trojan.Downloader-Gen C:\SYSTEM.SAV\UTIL\TDCTWKS\CLEARLOG.EXE I was hit with this on saturday morning. Next thing I know, I can't run IE or FF. I only have access to IE 64-bit. Malwarebytes doesn't run at all...Not even in safe mode. In the "Action Center"...There's supposed to be a blue flag, showing updates. Mine flag is white with a lil black clock running under it...It says backup in progress. It's been running since saturday, when the virus hit. It also runs while in safe mode. I'm convinced that's the virus. I've tried stopping it, etc and nothing works. I've done numerous restore points and it's still there. The only cleaners that run are CCleaner and SuperAntiSpyware. I can't even use my back-up disc! Have no clue what to do.
  5. Caught a......Trojan.Downloader-Gen C:\System.Sav\Util\Tdctwks\Clearlog.exe......on saturday morning. Long story short, I can't get Malwarebytes to run at all. Not even in safe mode. I was told to rename it and still nothing. I can't get into Internet Explorer or Firefox. I only have access to Internet Explorer 64-bit. I have no clue what to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated.