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  1. This sounds as though the user is referring to the actual file version of mbam.exe, which is actually, he's just confusing that for the software version which has already been established in prior replies from others as
  2. Topic re-opened per request of OP
  3. User being assisted in consumer support, closing this topic
  4. User now in support, closing this topic.
  5. Dude Dudette you say it so perfectly......thanks.
  6. That being said, and I can't await the time we stop supporting XP, but we're away off from that, MBAM has never supported XP x64. Not 2.x or 1.x and we're certainly not about to start coding going backwards.
  7. BIG agreement here. Couldn't have said it better. Thanks Dalecoc1.
  8. User being assisted in support, closing ticket
  9. Hello all- The original topic starter is now being assisted in support, therefore, I will close this topic and any others who have had the same incident occur, please create your own topic here in the forums or submit a helpdesk request, but kindly do not do both. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
  10. Hello all- Anyone with this issue if your system boots up, please try system restore from safe mode. Also let us know what OS and language you're running. The issue was corrected with Malware Database: v2014.07.27.02 and up
  11. Please update your database, this was corrected with db v2014.07.27.02. DO NOT scan until you update
  12. Hi Just run our cleanout tool and reinstall: http://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mbam_clean http://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mbam You may need to reactivate
  13. Please confirm database version, post those details and language of OS
  14. You're using a LUA, right-click the desktop icon, select run as admin, then try update.
  15. Also, can all users affected please add their OS version and language as well. Thanks for your cooperation, it is much appreciated