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  1. Just thought I'd mention that a week has passed and no one responded after I provided the information that was requested. Thanks, MB!!
  2. Logs Sets 1 and 2 attached as requested.FRST.txtAddition.txtCheckResults.txt
  3. I disabled Anti-Exploit, ran the clean remover, downloaded the latest MBAM version and ran the set up. The result was similar to what happened when I got the notification this morning, something like "there is a new version, download now or later." Note nothing about "don't download at all." What happened was at the end of setup when I clicked on finish, my computer froze. But this time I couldn't shut down via Windows; I had to do a hard reboot. This is TOTAL CRAP. So now the MBAM icon has reappeared in the tray, I have not entered any purchase ID or Key. The only difference from earlier is that I can right click on the icon and get the usual information. What do you suggest I do now? Oh right, as always, the red triangle with the exclamation mark is showing, but this time both modules have check marks next to them as if they ARE both enabled.
  4. And yes, I still have the email with the key. Thanks.
  5. Also, I am running Malwarebyte's Anti-Exploit. Does that matter? Should I disable it?
  6. Actually, I now see I purchased the Pro version 9/3/13 and it has been regularly refusing to automatically enable the real-time protection since then. Anyway, I'm already not understanding your directions. Will I be able to use the activation key provided in the email from MBAM when I purchased it. Or will I have to muck about in the registry?
  7. Are you a real doctor, daledoc1? MD? PhD? Medic on the front lines? Okay, I uninstalled MBAM using CCleaner tool, just because it comes up faster than using Windows directly.
  8. You know, maybe your instructions might have read, "Please uninstall your current version of MBAM by using the tool at this link, etc"
  9. Okay. "Please uninstall your current version of MBAM...." I just did that. Then the rest of the sentence reads "and reinstall the latest build..." Unfortunately, when I go to the link, I discover that I was supposed to do a bunch of stuff before uninstalling?
  10. Thanks for your prompt response and I know I'm sounding ungrateful and grouchy, but WHAT "recommended clean reinstall"? For the latest build? Or when I foolishly bought the Pro version. Regardless, I ain't no computer whiz so I always follow the recommended everything. Okay. I'm gonna follow your instructions.
  11. Ever since I "upgraded" to the Pro version in March, 2014, this product randomly refuses to enable the real-time protection. Clicking "fix it" never works. I have to exit, okay the warning about dire things happening, then restart the program and then both modules work again. I just allowed installation of V2.0.2.1012 which locked up my computer. After restarting my computer, I find that right clicking on the icon in the taskbar has no effect, so I double click, get the above message about not being fully protected, but have no way to exit the program that I can tell. Please tell me how to fix this or give me my money back. I'm tired of this.
  12. Thanks for the prompt help!
  13. I see I didn't word my original query well. I meant: I have the Premium version of MBAM installed on one computer. How can I install a copy of the Premium version to a second computer?
  14. Yes, I have purchased the Premium subscription. Can you tell me how to install it on a second computer or link to an instruction page?
  15. I use MBAM Pro on one computer. How do I download a free copy for a second computer? Thanks for your help.