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  1. I received mine today 21st November 2014 yes it is genuine email from Malwate bytes. The way to know that for sure is if they use your name or username. That stands for any email. Never click on any link within an email which says nothing to whom it is to.Be safe
  2. Hi I keep getting the malwarebytes icon in the tray tell me my trial has expired. I'm not on a trial, I have re-downloaded the free version only yesterday, and today the desktop programme says "You are no longer protected, trial ended. Can anyone say why this is happening? I've opened the laptop this morning and that one's okay so far. I had the same msg on that too yesterday, so re-dowloaded the free version again.
  3. Thanks very much for your very promt reply, and I think it is all working okay now, just running Malware bytes now, but will try to send the false positive to Avast. thanks again
  4. I had exactly the same problem and trojan after doing an update on my laptop which has the free trial version of anti malwarebytes, no issues on the main pc.