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  1. That seems to do the trick, thanks alot!
  2. I'm well aware how a firewall works - but that's not the thread was about. Thing is, my paid MBAM is blocking sites I visit regularely...I have to disable options in MBAM to get around this...
  3. I'm getting quite angered with MBAM, even though it's a superb software. There are tons of websites that's being blocked by MBAM for not being secured - why not let us add an address on our own? If it's for security reasons, just make the option available if MBAM is locked with a password. There's no logic in letting MBAM Crew handle EVERY request for a site...just check the endless threads regarding the topic. Other than that, well done with MBAM!
  4. I've recently got a new monitor with 2560x1440, which to me (and my girlfriend), made the fonts rather too small to read without putting an effort to it. This is also a subject which applies to senior users and/or people using computer with a very small screen (e.g netbooks), where a higher DPI % really makes up for easier readings. Things that comes in mind regarding this is; - tray icon - updating virus definations - the regular interface Just a thought! Sincerely yours, Fredrik