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  1. Address is , website is . It's an anime streaming site, and one I've used for a couple of years with no issues.
  2. Running will be a while. Last time took nearly 6 hours. I'll leave it to run while I sleep, and if possible post before I go to work tonight.
  3. Today's logs show only one IP address being blocked...ironically, it's when I went to find out what some of the ones in the log were. I probably ought to report the false positive... is, and probably doesn't need to be blocked. I went and looked at the logs, and it appears that I may have been looking at an older log...Rechecked today, wanting to do an IP look up what was there, and there haven't been any other than the ones for since the last run of combofix! The reason they seemed random is my machine is a bit slow...sometimes takes a minute after the event for the bubble to show up....and I had been writing down the addresses as they showed up, so I could look them up and figure out where at least where whatever was being sent was going...I assumed the ones I was seeing were the same random ones I'd written down, but didn't pay attention since I'd just copy them from the Mbam log...(I already feel the long gray ears growing from assuming anything!) I blame my dunderheadedness on the cold meds. Everything seems to be running fine now.
  4. Randomly, for the most part...Every two to five minutes for about an hour, then silence for a couple of hours. There seems to be a flurry of them in the early morning hours, or on startup...anytime I restart or power cycle the modem, it cycles to a different address, usually one of nine or ten IPs. It seems to do them in bursts, every couple of minutes, then none for a few hours. I thought for a while that I'd gotten rid of it yesterday...there were actually none, for a whole night after running combofix (Which I ended up submitting to Comodo as a white hat tool...neither it nor Avast were happy about it.) I ended up shutting off Avast and Comodo to run it. Is there any way to get Mbam to tell what program is doing the sending in XP? Even after the fact, in the log? I had a thought that it might be a rogue firefox add-on, (I had a couple of third party addons that didn't update with the newest firefox release.) and uninstalled a couple of the ones that no longer had official mozilla pages...For a short while afterwards it seemed I was getting fewer alerts.
  5. Sorry for the delay...forgot to turn off Avast and Comodo, so it got stuck. Had to restart and rerun it with those turned off for the duration. combofix log.txt
  6. To be honest, I only use Azureus rarely. I keep it because I occasionally download unlicensed subbed anime torrents from sources I know to be reliable. I haven't actually used it in at least 6 months. Here's the thread ...I got frantically busy for a few days, and didn't even have time to log onto my machine, let alone do anything else, so the thread got closed. I thought that I should go directly to the source so to speak, since Malwarebytes was the only thing alerting me.
  7. I got a virus last week, and was getting help over at the techspot forums for it...Malwarebytes was one of the programs they recommended to help remove the critter I was infected with, and I was apparently clean. However, in spite of all the scans (malwarebytes, avast, bitdefender and eset online scanners, mcafee before I got rid of it in favor of comodo and avast.) now showing clean, Mbam is blocking several outgoing connections to a handful of IP addresses. I understand that in Vista or higher, I'd be able to tell which program was initiating the connections...Almost (but not quite..) enough to make me wish I was running vista. As it is, here are my DDS logs. My Malwarebytes trial is expired, and I do wish to purchase the full version, but I'm afraid to do anything that might risk my credit card info. I've been very careful to not do anything online that might expose any of my financial stuff since I got the virus, and want to be sure I'm clean before I do so. As you can imagine, this is a pain in, well, some region probably better left unmentioned, since I normally do bank and buy things online! dds.txt attach.txt