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  1. Very encuraging to read the above posts. I have a client that seems to be able to find the FBI haostagware infection on a very regular basis. I'll install MB pro and see what happens. Thx, Mike R
  2. AS I thought, Nothing at this point is 100% against this paticular infection. Very frustrating. It is interesting that the infection seems to come from drive bys and our systems allow the initial file to be written to the hard drive and then run without any alert! I'm thinking that a third party firewall program such as Zone Alarm or comparable would at least advise of a programs intent before execution.
  3. My question is the subject, Can the full paid, properly installed, clean to begin with PC be protected from this type of infection>? Thanks Mike R
  4. Tim you have a PM,. Mike R
  5. Thanks for the info, nothing to be gained other than privacy, After clearing out the user folders etc, a consideralble amount of info was found there leading me to where the user had been on the PC. Also concerned that writers of Malicious software might be able to use that as a place to store instalation files. That was the first time I had heard of that location. Thx Mike R
  6. RJ thanks, although I didn't ask about support life. Forum Diety, thx, I'll look into it and try that. The content is data from web pages visited, exactly like XP systems at c:\documents and settings\user name\local settings\application data\temporary internet files. Mike R
  7. Good day all, I have been in PC repair for many years and with the on slaught of malware it is indeed a never ending battle. While working on a Windows Vista system today I was running MalwareBytes and noticed it was scanning a directory I did not know about. C:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\Content.IE5\odd folder names as we have seen before. I had ran Ccleaner on this system minuets earlier yet there was a significant number of folders and data in each. Looking at my own system those folder did not exisist other than typical index.dat files. Sooo, I guess my question is, can we delte that data as we would if it were under the user account? Thanks Mike R