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  1. Hello Spam Hunters, Thanks for the info. Based on your comments, I will just wait out the remaining 12 days and let the "Trial" version expire and the "Free" version take over...as you suggested. The "Protection Module" and "Scheduler" (already worked once) ARE nice features. I just don't have the funds to upgrade. Your comment: "During installation, there's an opportunity to decline the trial (opt-out) by unchecking the box." I did not see the "Checked Box" during my install of the file indicated above. Therefore, If possible, can you post a "Screen Shot" of the specific "Install" screen which shows that "Checked Box" during the installation screens when the "Free" Version file is "executed? Having this "Screen Shot" might be helpful to me if I have to do this again (I am old and will probably forget )...and the "Screen Shot" might be helpful to others who do not see that automatically "Checked Box". It is a nice marketing tool to have it "Checked" in advance. However, MWB staff should just make it "Unchecked" but LARGE TEXT with info about "Pro" version and caveats about "No Committment", etc.. It is a "soft sell" approach, but might be better. Then the customer would be more willing to "Try" the "Pro" version and probably "Buy It" eventually. Thanks for your quick help.
  2. I downloaded the latest Malwarebytes "Free" version and it is showing me "Trial" in the Malwarebytes Window title...and showing now "12 Day(s) Remaining". This is revision "". Here is what I did: 1. I went to the "Malwarebytes.org" website--> 2. Clicked on the "Free Download-From our trusted Partner Sites" box--> 3. Got to the following webpage: http://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html?part=dl-10804572&subj=dl&tag=button 4. Clicked on the green "Download Now" Box. 5. Downloaded the following binary file as a "Save" to my hard drive: mbam-setup- 6. Clicked on the above file... 7. I am now showing "TRIAL" in the Malwarebytes Window "Title" when I open Malwarebytes with the "tabs" to do a "Scan" or to do an "Update". It does have "Protection" Module operational and there is a "Malwarebytes" ICON in the "Tray". I did NOT ask for the "Pro" version. I only wanted the "FREE" version. --I also tried installing from the following earlier version: mbam-setup- When this was installed, this file also updated to the "" "Trial" version automatically without me doing anything. --On another computer which has been running Malwarebytes continuously for the last year or more, the Malwaebytres was automatically updated to the revision. However, on that other computer, Malwarebytes Window does NOT show a "TRIAL" in the title and there isno "Malwarebytes" Icon in the tray, and there is NO "Protection" Module activated. WHAT IS HAPPENING? WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER 12 MORE DAYS? WILL I LOSE MY MALWAREBYTES AND NEVER BE ABLE TO INSTALL THE "FREE VERSION? Many thanks.
  3. Is there an alternate method of just re-installing Malwarebytes without using "mbam-clean.exe" and using the above procedure? I have often received messages indicating that Malwarebytes program files had become "corrupted" and I just re-insalled Malwarebytes ...and then made sure the program and database were updated. If I do this--i.e. just re-install Malwarebytes over the existing Malwarebytes-- will all items in "Quarntine" be lost?
  4. Ron, I had my cousin load the "Free" version of Malwarebytes Can I then assume that nothing is needed via licensing in your NOTE above? Thanks.
  5. I helped my relative load Malwarebytes with the latest program revision and latest database version. We are in different states (NJ and Conn.). He is not that computer literate. However, he did install Malwarebytes correctly with my walk-through. He was able to run "Full Scan" twice with excellent results. However, when he does a "Scan" (either "Quick Scan" or "Full Scan"), there are the two following problems which I hope someone can help solve. 1. At the end of the scan, usually a "log" window shows details of the scan--"times", "analysis", "items detected in registry" etc. In his case, NO such "log window" is displayed at the end of the scan. . 2. The log of the scan IS posted. However, in the "Logs" TAB, when that *.txt log is "opened" in "Notepad", it is EMPTY. There is NOTHING below the first two lines indicating..the last line showing being "www.malwarebytes.org". Four scans were done...and NOTHING is showing in any of the "saved logs" and no "log" is displayed at the end of any of the four scans. HOW can the above two problems be fixed?