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  1. also i looked in that temp folder that is mentioned often and still, it does not exist.
  2. thats what i thought so i checked... I looked at the files on the desktop for the user with the hidden files and the same files/programs/folders are still there. In other words i see nothing different than what they say. sorry for the late response. busy schedule
  3. I created one but whats the purpose?
  4. Hi all this is my first post here. I came here trying to solve the prob with my cpu where all my files and shortcuts vanished from my desktop. The links in the start menu and pinned programs also vanished.(Windows7) Ive read enough on here to find out about unhide.exe and all the other stuff. I tried that with no luck. I ran a malware scan, it detected 10 files. deleted them and with no luck my files and shortcuts never popped back up on my desktop. Im mainly concerned with the files on the desktop being hidden as i dont know where to find them. I read that i should go to the C:\Users\"user name"\AppData\Local\Temp\smtp? folder to find everything that was hidden by this virus or whatever it is. I think that maybe that folder was there but i restored the computer and that deleted the temp files that were there. So I was wondering if someone can shed some light on my situation. any help will be greatly appreciated