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  1. What files does Internet explorer call when it is opened? recently, searchonme.com tried to overtake my browser settings, but i stopped it halfway through setup. I removed everything I could. I ran malwarebytes and AVG; both healed misc stuff that seemed unrelated. Now malwarebytes and avg come up clean, but I still cannot load pages in IE. After much searching and failed attempts to fix it, I am stumped. When I open IE, something automatically changes my "migrateproxy" to "1". I change it back to "0" but when I restart IE, it changes right back to "1". Other sites have told me that on a basic LAN connection, "migrateproxy" should be "0" since I am not using a proxy address... What files do I need to inspect to find the source of my troubles? I am assuuuuuming it will be an IE file ORRRR in the IE registry... Thanks, --TJ
  2. I am trying to find a probably virus that Malware bytes is not detecting. I have also tried other antivirus software. What files are run when I click to open "Internet Explorer"? I think one of those files is changing my registry: "MigrateProxy = 1". I have done several afternoons of random searching and checking my computer settings and this seems to be VERY relevant. I change the value to: "MigrateProxy = 0" but as soon as I open IE, it changes back to "1". background: I ran across a window that said I needed to install Bflix to continue so I started to install it. After declining the 3rd or 4th suggested addons, I realized that I was probably installing malware. I began trying to cancel but I think it still set "searchonme.com" as my webbrowser, homepage, and my search agent/whatever. I have since been trying to undo everything that it did. AV/AM software is not ending with clean scans, but I still cannot browse the web. I deleted the addon "searchonme.com". At first, it would ALWAYS say: "It appears you are connected to the internet but......please try to reconnect to the internet." Now after a few days of me "correcting" settings, deleting malware, etc etc.....I get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage." or .... When I type in www.google.com, the address bar changes to http:/// and the page says "The address is not valid." Google is the only "not valid" site I have tried. Please help!!?? --TJ