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  1. exile, Thank You. I just wanted to make sure things were doing what they were supposed to do. Best Wishes... Todd
  2. Thank you for the info. It takes more than a few seconds however, sometimes up to a minute or so. Could this be due to having many start up processes running at once, and should I just wait until the icon shows up before getting online? I am running windows 7 home premium.
  3. when I start up my computer after a total shutdown, as my tray icons start popping up in the bottom right hand toolbar, malwarebytes tray icon doesn't come on for quite awhile, usually not until I have accessed my browser. My microsoft security essenstials comes on immediately. I have been told not to run 2 AV programs simultaneously, but after confering with malwarebytes tech support, I have exempted the suggested processes from both AV programs so that they won't conflict with each other. I like running 2 AV programs, as once in awhile one catches something that the other one misses. Am I protected while the malwarebytes tray icon isn't showing, and what may be the cause of the slow loading tray Icon?