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  1. I had similar issues and am very excited for the new console version. I will also add that Labtech RMM can do everything and then some in managing malwarebytes. The biggest problem has been MWB writes most things to log files on the machines, but with Labtech you can run scheduled queries to parse these files and keep in touch with whats going on. You can also run forced scheduled updates and read the update version via Labtech, which is what my company is doing already. It works really well, but a centralized console will help even more.
  2. Hi guys, Want to say that I love your product, since rolling it out to our client base (the MSP edition) we have gone from 10+ virus calls a month to now one every few months. You have such a great product, which makes this problem even more frustrating. I have been an MSP customer for over a year now. The first issue is that your MSP edition is not truly an MSP edition. MSP software is single license key, paid on a monthly subscription, grow as you go type of setup. Instead I am forced to pay up front a full years worth of licenses and as I grow I have to purchase new seperate keys. I am close to 500 licenses total at this point and have been working diligently to keep current with my licensing as my client base grows, even though it is increasingly difficult to do so. I don't expect you to completely redesign your sales process and offer a true MSP edition, although it would make your product much easier to buy and sell. But I do expect that your sales team works with me when trying to buy more licenses. The current sales process is so brutal that I've been contemplating going to an inferior product with an easier sales process. Not only do I get an individual license key every time, but I now have to haggle and fight with your sales reps every attempt at purchasing. We always argue over the same things and its never fast, its always over a matter of weeks (if I get a response at all), not hours or days. I realize that 500 licenses is a lot for me, but very little for you. However, in order to support my fast growing company in the sale of your product I would expect a little more cooperation. Please help me purchase from you. I really want to stay with your product but i am getting close to having to go a different direction. Also your sales process has been so bad that the two MSP referrals I gave out (around 250 licenses each) gave up in attempting to buy a license and told me they went with a different company. The reason they gave was lack of response. I'm writing this not to bash you, and not because i'm mad about something. I write this in hopes of finding a way to fix the process. Since the only contact method I have is the same email address I'm having a problem with, I decided to post in the forums in the hopes someone will contact and work with me. Thanks, Brian