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  1. OK Thank You Fatdcuk Sorry for the misspelt name in previous post I tried to edit but couldn't Thanks again and please continue with you Great work here B) cheers T
  2. I must say this is all very interesting to read last week I had the same problems as stated above couldn't open MBAM couldn't open Spybot Search Destroy couldn't install any spyware software couldn't use the "Run" option couldn't use "System Restore" it was a very nasty piece of work for sure because I was completely defenceless and everything I tried the Virus was stopping me Trojan name = win32root.TDDS this piece of stuff actually de-activated my anti-virus Mcafee and de-activated firewall the only way I could resolve this was by reading this superb forum and seeing this http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=12524 and the randembam.exe saved my life for sure B) I could then run MBAM and it found 11 Trojans and after rebooting about 3 times (when instructed by MBAM) they were nailed but I'm still very cautious I have done a full scan now with MBAM and all is well (I hope) I'm now wondering if I should follow fatducs instructions above and use RootRepeal ? Fatduc what do you think ? cheers T