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  1. This can now be cancelled. Somehow I got it to start working again.
  2. Hi. I am running Malwarebytes Pro. I had the auto scan and auto update working, but then I stopped one scan and since then it won't run the auto scan. I tried rescheduling, it didn't work. I tried rescheduling again but then did a restart but that didn't work. How can I get the autoscan to function again? Any help would be great. Thank you
  3. Thanks. I just set up the scheduler. Its scheduled to go in about an hour. Hopefully it will work as its supposed to.
  4. Just did a reinstall of windows 7, so now reinstalling all my programs. I have only downloaded avast free, which works just great. Then downloaded malwarebytes. Downloaded free and registered for pro as I got the paid version before my system needed reinstalling. UAC pops up everytime I want to run it. Hows is it supposed to do auto scans when I have to allow it all the time. Plus I never had this problem before. Is there a fix? Thanks.
  5. Hi Maurice, Sorry, I was away for Easter and didn't have access to a computer. I never did get the FRST tool to work. But while i was away a family member thats very good with computers got my files off my computer and onto an external hard drive and reinstalled windows 7. I don't know if there is still malware or not i haven't done anything with it. Any way I know you told me not to do anything without your say so but I had to take the opportunity to get my stuff off. Thank you for all your help I really appreciate it. I am hoping there will be no more malware from this point on. Thank you again for all your help. I hope you had a good Easter.
  6. Put in DVD, restarted, went to black screen with Windows is loading and you could hear the dvd working. Then went to black scree with "Starting windows". Then a window comes up saying: Windows 7 upgrade DVD If you wish to upgrade from windows vista to windows 7 rather than perform a clean installation of windows7 (which deletes all files on the hard drive), then follow these steps. Then it gives steps. If you wish to perform a clean installation follow these steps. If I tap F8 I get to advanced boot selection, none of the choices are repair computer.
  7. after installing the upgrade windows7 disc,I restart it. On restart do I need to press F8 twice to go to the advanced recovery option window or do I just let it start up?
  8. Tried turning the security down to nothing, still did the same thing. The computer I'm trying to do it on is windows 7. Is there something else I need to turn off?
  9. Turned off avast, still doing the same thing. It appears to me to be a windows thing. Under control panel security is set at the 3rd level. ( 4 levels in all, 4th being the highest setting) Should I be turning this off as well. and what about the windows firewall?
  10. This is pretty much what happened with combofix so I'm double checking. I clicked on the link above. Pop up window opened. "Do you want to run or save FRST64.exe from download.beeping This file could harm your computer. Then you can choose. Run, Save (Save, Save as, Save & run) or Cancel Click Save As -> selected my USB - pop up saying running security scan Window opens with" The Publisher of FRST64.exe couldn't be verified. can select run or view downloads View Downloads- only choice is run -> click run -> avast window opens suggesting to open in Sandbox. Can open normally Open Normally -> User Account Control window opens "Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer" File orgin Removable media on this computer. Will it save it to the usb or will it run it on the computer. I know you said it a report tool but I don't want to mess up another computer.
  11. I can honestly say I am leery about doing this, especially after combofix went so badly wrong, no fault of yours. What is this fix supposed to do? How badly can it go wrong if something comes up that is different then you suspect should and its running or i pick the wrong choice? I really appreciate your help, but like I said I'm leery and scared that i will screw up my computer even more.
  12. Hi, I do plan on doing this , but I want a time when distractions are at a minimum and I'm awake, and unfortunately that might not be until tomorrow. Not sure though.
  13. Done as above. Shutdown and restarted in safe mode with networking. Still going to computer was unable to start. It tried to repair and then came up with the restore or cancel window
  14. which command prompt? x: \> or x: \ windows \system32
  15. First part The system cannot find the path way specified (as above) 2nd part Directory of x.\ 07/13/2009 0740PM 106,760 setup. exe 1 file 106,760 bytes 0 Dir 32,976,896 bytes free