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  1. AVG is capable of protecting you but I would recommend you buy Malwarebytes just incase if something slips by AVG that and It would help you keep MBAM up-to-date.
  2. Collecting some Zero-Days/Hour samples. Wish me Luck

  3. Thanks! I just say I been using a computer since I was 4. Internet since I was..6? I have the smarts. I have Good english teachers too. A lot of people my age tak lik dis which annoys me and its just pure laziness.
  4. Yeah I been checking out the Malware Removal University for a few weeks now, Might apply. and also I been using Malzilla, Filealyzer and Threat expert. Nice tools. Thanks for the others too
  5. Thanks and I find it really interesting. When im not in school I power up my VM and write things down in my giant notebook, heh. When im done and if its Zero-Day/Zero-Hour and help out and submit it to AV labs. (kaspersky, Avast, Microsoft, etc) Thanks to VT I know who has not detected and who has. May be dangerous but its also fun at the same time. Gotta know what your doing.
  6. Hey Guys, I thought I should introduce myself. I'm currently 14 years old, Interested in Malware Research/I.T. Security. Been using MBAM for the last 4 years but I decided to come to the forum and to give a helping hand and meet the community. I am also interested in the Malwarebytes MH group as I think it would help me a bunch. Well anyways, I don't want to make a long post about my life so I though i would introduce myself and I hope to be a great part to the community. Thanks to the MBAM Team for saving my poor computers life over the years.
  7. No there will not be any conflicts. MBAM Pro will run smoothly with Avast as its designed to run with it to catch any malware Avast misses.