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  1. working fine on both FF and IE. Would be interesting to know what caused the problem and how was it fixed.
  2. I’ve received a good response from the nz.comp newsgroup and it would appear the problem is general on ISP’s in NZ. I have also spoken to numerous friends and neighbours and all get a blank page when trying Malwarebytes web page using numerous ISP's. However, people are able to access the site if using an overseas proxy server.
  3. JohnA, So far I've received one relpy on nz.comp (newsgroup) and the poster states that he's having the same problem using Vodafone - might get more relpies once Easter is finished but at this stage it would appear that the problem is not just with TelstraClear.
  4. TelstraClear is my ISP, this is the NZ branch of your Telstra. The call waiting time is between 45 and 60 minutes so I’m not particularly looking forward in contacting them, but if the problem continues I will be forced to contact them. In the meanwhile I have posted a message to a local NZ computer newsgroup asking if the problem exists with other ISP’s in NZ. I have also tried other computers (friends) and they have the same problem, however, they are also connected to TelstraClear so it doesn’t prove much.
  5. I'm posting from New Zealand and get the exact same problem as John A - Blank page when clicking on www.malwarebytes.org.