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  1. Hello ron and thank you for your reply.I have the comodo defense+ disabled,i only use the firewall on its own. I have attached the requested logs. Thanks. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. hello ron and thank you. I have attached the requested logs. Much appreciated. Attach.txt DDS.txt
  3. hello malwarebytes forum and hope all is well. Just a question. Does task scheduler need an internet connection.? Thank you.
  4. Thank you for your informative reply. I will give this a miss and stick with ccleaner.
  5. WOW that indeed brings back some very good memories.I used to play quite a few sierra on line games for the amiga 500. Zak Mcraken. Kings Quest. Police Quest. Space quest. Golden times and i spent an awful lot of my teenage years with the amiga computer,but i wouldnt change it for the world.
  6. Hello Forum. I usually clean my computer with ccleaner and have done for years with no problems. Recently i came across a program called privazer. Does anyone use this and is it safe.? Any opinions please. Thank You.
  7. Thank you for the video of johnny cash.Magnificent.!
  8. Not too much though lol.
  9. yes. The moonlight sonata is a form of nocturne so this and sleepiness do go together lol.
  10. Yes indeed.Me too. Country music is quite empty now without the unique voice of johnny around. He was truly an original and i seriously doubt we will hear another voice like his.
  11. I listen to johnny cash and perhaps some music from the 1960,s. Also quite partial to ludwig van beethoven.His 9th symphony is a personal favourite plus the moonlight sonata.
  12. Process hacker is a tool i use for viewing network connections. You may wish to give it a try.
  13. Hi, I downloaded a program recently and when i attempted to install it windows says it could not create a tempory folder.error code 5 access is denied. Any ideas how i can overcome this issue in the future please.I had to use a system image and everything is ok now but would like some advice if it occurs again. How do i create this temp file etc or is there another solution.? Many thanks.
  14. Thanks. Do i need to remove any programs from the administrator account.? I removed a program from my admin account and it is still present in the standard account.
  15. Hi. Currently on my laptop i have a standard user account which i use all the time and there is also the administrator account.Could anybody please tell me how i can disable the admin account please.? Upon browsing the internet ive used the elevated command prompt command "net user administrator /active:no." But upon reboot i notice the administrator icon is still there at the log on screen. Basically what i want to do is just have my standard user account running and the admin account disabled. Any help please.? Thanks.