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  1. Thanks very much!
  2. It's the malwarebytes scans I'm having trouble with though. The McAfee ones take a little while but the MalwareBytes is taking 3+ hours.
  3. It's called McAfee Security-As-A-Service. It says it's version 5.2.3. if that helps.
  4. Security-As-A-Service.
  5. I'm sorry, but I don't know how to do a lot of that. The first two steps are no problem, but I don't know how to disable my anti-virus programs (McAfee and SuperAntiSpyware.) I also have no idea how to do the things in the last paragraph- it's Greek to me! I need a "For Dummies" version. Thanks!
  6. I have the MalwareBytes trial version on my laptop. (An HP 635 with Windows 7.) At first, it worked quickly, but now it takes more than 3 hours to scan- anywhere between three and ten hours! Even a quick scan takes one to two hours. It never finds any infections, so I don't know why it would take so long. Can anyone help? Thanks.