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  1. Constantly the same message pops up on my right hand corner saying they stopped the same website from infecting my computer day after day. It covers up things I need to use and I constantly have to click it to go away. Yes I am glad it stopped it but I don't need to be reminded every 5 minutes
  2. I accidently ended up with a toolbar called conduit and it took over my IE and Google Chrome complelely. Somehow by accident after several month's I got rid of it then I think while trying to download a free user manual to my cell phone one latched onto my computer called babylon that did the same thing. This time I had AVG 12 free , superantispyware free edition and malware bytes paid edition. I thought by installing all of those I wouldn't get thing's like that. When asked on the computer what babylon was it came by it is malware. I had to take my computer to Best Buy to get rid of babylon. Is there yet something else I can ad to my computer to prevent from making these mistake's?
  3. I had something take over my internet explorer and google chrome last year. Somehow I managed to get rid of it but to make sure it didn't happen again I bought the paid version of this malwarebye's. Now something else has taken over my Internet Explorer. This is called Babylon. I thought this kind of thing wouldn't happen anymore if I paid for protection. The internet tell's me to go to manage add on and do some thing's but there is nothing I can click onto in manage add on's at all. That also has been disabled. Is Babylon not Adware or Malware? I have this plus superantivirus (free version) and avg 12 (free version) and my IE still got taken over. Very upsetting