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  1. Thanks for the reply, i have already done the steps above. But i still can not get it to turn on. I right click on the tray icon and select website protection but it wont check it or turn it on. I have also noticed my cpu usage is staying at 100% for extended periods of time.
  2. Uhh i just recently upgraded to the MSE 4.0 final version and wanted to know if MSE and MBAM pro will still run alongside each other with out any conflict. i have noticed i now can not enable website blocking after upgrading MSE.
  3. Thanks for the reply, sadly i have already had a dell tech come out and fix the computer.
  4. Ok, i added the exceptions just incase. Thanks for the clarification!
  5. Ok, so it shouldnt interfere and compromise my pc's security correct? I just want to make sure Malwarebytes wont try to (compete) with MSE and cause my security to become compromise or worse cause damage or issues to my pc.
  6. Is it safe to run Malwarebytes Protection Module (real time scanner) along with my current Anti-Virus program? Are there any know AV programs it is un-compatible/compatible with?
  7. I used malwarebytes to remove active infections on my laptop, it gave me a message to re-boot to re-move all the threats proporly. So after re-booting my system now flash's a blue screen for a split second then re-boots again. Unsure what went wrong during the process, plz help me clarify what could have gone wrong?