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  1. Once again, thanks everybody for input. However, and a BIT off topic, I have something else to bring up that you may want to input on. As a near-geezer I remember when I was young I PROMISED myself I would NEVER become like my parents, or old people in general = rejecting everything/anything that was new ; thinking that the only good music was the music they listened to when they were young ; TOTALLY rejecting long hairs, hippies and ESPECIALLY THEIR music ; recreational drug use while they consumed MASS quantities of "mother's little helper and alcohol ; yadayada. The reason I mention this is that I think I've kept up my promise to myself.....until lately. LOVE (mostly) what the "yoots" are up to (social media, occupy, etc.). My problem is with the ways in which computering and the net has become so.......dare I say it.....unecessarily COMPLICATED. This "red x" problem is one example I think. As I have been trolling the multitude of forums for the past 4 months or so, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who have this problem in one form or another,with some of the threads dating from 2004!. The suggested fixes number in the hundreds. Why? Well, that's part of the problem .....a few decades ago there was a time that the larger corporations in the hardware/software game decided that they weren't going to share info/programming/patents ; and this complexity I complain about is a DIRECT outcome from that decision by the corps. We are (literally) paying for the fact that these corps decided to try to say to the "consumer" that "my" system/software is better than theirs so buy mine and NO one elses ; and to hell with the consequences. But also, the net (although WONDERFUL in MANY ways) seems to have become mostly consumer-oriented. Pages taking FOREVER to load ; servers getting gunged up with all kinds of crap ; the MOST IRRITATING flash ads imaginable ; neat programming being unnecessarily updated over time where it becomes useless ; and when you do find something that works well, or feeds your inner needs/desires, you can bet dollars to donuts that it will get f*cked up soon enough. For example, it's drivin' me crazy watchin' Google simply becoming the new version of Big Blue IBM. Many of their latest missives are ALL about serving the major corporations in the world (i.e., "How can we reimagine old major corporations advertising campaigns so that they get a better response from internet users?") So, am I becoming like my parents were? It seems like many of you folks have been around awhile......is anybody else getting a little weary of the schmaltz? I have seriously contemplating chuckin' it all and heading for Maui. If I need to check emails, or see what the Onion is up to, or check out Funny Or Die's latest, I'll head for the local library's computers (which hopefully will be hooked-up to a mainframe network) where at least the pages will load quickly. And spend the majority of my time enjoying the sun and the sand. Sure, even that could get a bit boring, but at least I wouldn't have to put up with ANOTHER Netcensoreds pop-up.(And getting to the point where one could actually be bored with the sun and sand would HAVE to be an enjoyable process, eh?) And honestly, I'm NOT ranting here.....just tryin' to figure out if this is the first vestiges of FULL BLOWN geezerhood, or are things just getting to be kinda crappy? And PS : I have another computer ( a pretty cool hotrod IBM original) so it's NOT the 2003 HP that I'm "forced" to use at the non-profit org that's bringin' me down. And maybe it's just past my bedtime :+))) It's just you folks seem to be fairly hip, so just wonderin' about your thoughts. And, YES, you can call me over the hill, or a flamin' idiot, or anything you'd like. I can handle it. Keep on chooglin'! (And unfortunately, remember that I'm workin' 3 jobs right now so my replies will most likely be once a day in the early eve EST......so no "real" back and forth realtime dialogue.....sorry.) Thanks.
  2. Greetings everyone, and especially ShyWriter. Yep, stated in original post that I'm using IE8. And also I pretty well know my way around the computer world. Built a Tandy kit back in 1972, went to a couple of garage computer meetings in Cali in the mid-70s, and have been on "the net" since BEFORE the net when it was called the Intranet "supposedly" limited to military/university use*+). The only reason I'm using this HP beater is because the non-profit group I'm working for can't afford a new one right now. But mounting difficulties that I'm having with machine will serve to bolster my argument that we NEED to update. I mean, C'MON.......WHO uses a machine made in 2003 these days??? Having said all that, I do seriously appreciate VERY much all who have responded. I knew it would be a shot-in-the-dark by posting; and still hoping that someone else might have run into conflicting settings among security programs. Also apologize for tardiness of replies, but I'm working three jobs right now so unable to be glued to the box/net. Thanks again everyone. (And ShyWriter......YES, watch that tv addiction habit.......pretty soon you might succumb to a.....a......COMMUNITY HABIT :+))) I'm pretty strung our myself......OH......OH......THERE'S my problem.....I should be getting ahold of Ahbed.......I'm callin' him RIGHT NOW!!!)
  3. noknojon......Fantastic avatar, and EXCELLENT gff,but my registry is fine. I've been using Auslogic progs for 8 years and no probs there. ShyWriter......Thanks, but WAY beyond that stage in my quest. And THANK-YOU both VERY much for your replies. The computer in question is DEFINITELY not infected (at least according to deep scans with MalwareBytes, Spybot or Avast). What I was hoping was that someone else on this forum had a "non-compatibility" conflict with their security progs that was alleviated by changing the settings in one of the progs. The computer in question is also 9 years old, has had many "admins" over the years, and I think it may be time to put it out of it's misery. Thanks again for trying to help. Keep on chooglin'!
  4. I have the dreaded "red x's" problem. Diferent sites, different pics, different graphics show up with no image ; instead, I get small black box with a red x in it. (I even get it on this forum's homepage, and am missing graphics from the page I am typing on now.) I am using : HP Desktop ; Windows XP ; IE8 ; MalwareBytes ; Spybot ; Avast (free home edition) ; Auslogics registry cleaner ; Auslogics defragger ; CC cleaner ; my geezer brain with 20 years computer use and medium knowledge level. I have tried EVERYTHING over the past 6 months to rid my computer of this problem. I have visited MANY help pages (of course including MS, etc) and MANY tek forums. I (think) I KNOW it is a browser problem (cannot for various reasons change from IE) ; I have tried all their suggested fixes = zip ; I have combed the net and used MANY sugested fixes = zip.. Now it has been suggested that the problem may lie in the settings of one of my malware protection programs. Or that it may be a conflict between the settings of my malware protection programs. Since I am already very busy building a new website for the non-profit org I work for, I am just throwing the problem out to this forum's fellow members. Is there any chance that Malwarebytes has a setting I should change? Anyone else have this problem with a similar config as mine? Thanks VERY much for your time and consideration.