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  1. Hi, I have been tracking UDP and TCP attacks on my Netgear DGN3500 ADSL modem which has a fixed IP address, these attacks are coming from all over the world and they are trying to use my IP address to do something that I did not approve. During my investigations i found the following. These attack only occurred just after power up of my PC. My modem has always been configured to report all attacks, and to send emails to me so that I would be alerted to them immediately. I chased them down and found "Akamai" software running Netsession_win.exe, I did not install this and object to some other person and company using my PC to do their dirty deeds. I believe that this software should be added to the Block site list so those future customers of Malwarebytes are protected for these types of attacks and misuse of their computers. Also any person finding this should remove it immediately