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  1. have run both IE and FF in regular mode for a couple of hours now -- no IP block alerts. Will continue to monitor overnight and let you know.
  2. MrC, I will check these scheduled services, but I have not been running for about 2 hours this morning and have not had any alerts. I have not seen any alerts since we ran the last two scans. The long scan did not find anything, but the first scan, as you recall, did find and eliminate 3 tracking cookies. I have not tried opening either FF or IE in regular mode, but I am running IE in safe mode. Should I try running FF or IE in regular mode? I won't try that until I hear from you.
  3. ran both. First scan found three tracking cookies. Cleaned and removed them. The Vipre Rescue program took a long time, like you said, but found nothing. If there is a log somewhere from either that you would like me to post, please point me to where I will find it. Thanks!
  4. cleared the cache, but the IP blocking alert just showed back up.
  5. I have both Firefox and IE installed, and the alerts pop up when using both.
  6. although ESET said it cleaned those viruses, the pop up alerts are still coming
  7. finally found some things . . . log.txt
  8. the IP block alerts have not stopped. I can run IE in safe mode and although the alerts still come in, the speed is relatively normal. When running FF in safe mode, the speed is sluggish but nominally usable. Any suggestions?
  9. same was true when i ran firefox in safe mode -- speed was practically back to normal
  10. Using ie as you described in your last post without add-ons dramatically increased the speed. Does this give you any more clues?
  11. Mr. C, My main computer has become nearly unusable for internet connections. Speed suddenly became glacial. I cannot get on the internet at all without disabling the McAfee firewall. Have you seen this before? I can probably use a pin drive to transfer downloads to the infected computer if you have any suggestions. Thanks.
  12. Thanks. I'm pretty unfamiliar with restore points. Is there a reason to bring it back to where it was? Any harm in leaving it back at June 21?
  13. I took it all the way back to June 21. Still getting the IP block messages from MBAM.
  14. ok. Will check back periodically. Thanks for the help!
  15. As i think about it, I think I got a message about flash something or other wanting access to the internet and I mistakenly clicked 'allow' for something that I wasn't totally certain about. Don't know if that is relevant or not. I don't have all of the prior MBAM logs as somewhere along the way (July 4) I uninstalled and then reinstalled and re-registered MBAM.