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  1. Hello Ninjaguy2000FTW, In order for us to help you with your refund request, you need to submit a support case with the specifics of your purchase. Cleverbridge Reference # email address used for the purchase license information If you did not purchase the product from our website, you need to provide proof of purchase that clearly shows the product name, where purchased, full license info. Do NOT include any credit card numbers. Send your email to: and our Malwarebytes Customer Success! staff will be happy to help you.
  2. Hello Sandy and welcome to the Malwarebytes Secure Backup support forum. In order to help you, I need to see the support ticket you submitted so I can see how we may be able to help you. Please reply to this post with the case number (aka ticket number) for that Malwarebytes support request so I can look it up. Then I will address this in email to you as it should be handed in a support case where you can receive more individualized support to see what may be the issue. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
  3. Hello Jan, Thank you for letting us know that disabling self-protection did resolve the problem. If you need further support assistance please submit a support ticket via Sincerely,
  4. Hello Jan, Here is an additional suggestion which is to right-click on the application installer and select "Run as administrator". This application and well as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware require the user account to have local adminstrator permissions which means the account being used needs to have been added to the local administrator group. If that has been done and you are still having the issue, please submit a support case by emailing your issue to: When we receive your request with as must detail as possible, we will be happy to help. A screen shot of the error would be helpful as well.
  5. Hello knoxandy and welcome to the Malwarebytes Secure Backup (MBSB) support forum. MBSB is designed to perform single data set backups from multiple sources rather than multiple data set backups from a single source. You can have unlimited data sources PC's using MBSB for PC's and Android devices using MBSB Mobile app to backup your data from those sources. You manage these by using the Web Portal accessible from the PC application to view your backup sets and change or adjust them as you see fit. I hope that answers your question. If you do have further questions, please let us know. Sincerely,
  6. Hello oaks425 and welcome to the Mawlarebytes Secure Backup (MBSB) forum. I am sorry you have had difficulty getting support but let's see what we can do for you today. The issue you reported really does need to be handled in a Helpdesk ticket but here's some information that may help you. If you are having any difficulty with the application, the best course of action is to uninstall it and reinstall with the most current version. The link to download the installer is here: Next, be sure you are only backing up data files. This application is not for backing up applications or the operating system. Doing so will cause the application to slow and stop functioning as you would be trying to backup files that are currently in use. Backup only the files you created such as Word files, Excel spreadsheets, text files and so on. If you still do not have any improvement with these suggestion, please submit a ticket to our helpdesk and we will be happy to help you. Thank you for contacting us!
  7. Hello Sarri and welcome to the Malwarebytes Secure Backup (MBSB) support forum. I appreciate you adding that detail. What I need to know is do you have MBSB installed and if so, what happens when you try to start the MBSB application? Specifically, what happens when you right-click on the MBSB icon then select "Run as administrator"? If the application does not launch, please tell me what does happen including the details of any error messages. The error 1303 is a system group permissions error and will display if the SYSTEM group does not have Full Control privileges or the EVERYONE group does not have full control privileges which I understand you have tried to resolve. In order for Malwarebytes products to work as they should, you need to have local administrator permissions. That means your user account needs to be added to the local administrator group in your Windows 8.1 OS. You need to check to see if your Administrator group is enabled and if the Administrator account is enabled. You can search for this topic in Google to find this video: "How to enable and disable the Administrator account in Windows 8.1 / Windows 8" If you do need assistance with configuring our product to work on your computer, please submit a Helpdesk ticket at this link: Let us know if you have further questions.
  8. Hello joanlee, You should have received a purchase confirmation document from Cleverbridge that provides a download link so you can download the installer. If you did not get that, please check your email spam folder in case it landed there. You are welcome to download Malwarebytes Secure Backup (MBSB) from this link: That file name is mbsb-setup- Save that file to your desktop view then double-click to run that installer. If you have questions regarding the use of the product after you have installed it, please submit a Helpdesk ticket by going to this link:
  9. As an update to this forum regarding the "Remove backup policy is not set" issue, SOS has confirmed that this is not a problem and is a benign notification. They do not have a target date for removal or suppression of that notification but it has no effect on the performance of Malwarebytes Secure Backup. The conversation with SOS Developers occurred in October 2014 time frame. This is the extent of any information we currently have regarding this specific issue.
  10. Hello joanlee and welcome to the Malwarebytes Secure Backup (MBSB) support forum. MBSB will restore files in the default location which is from the locations the files came from OR you can restore files to a new location. These choices are in the MBSB application under the Restore configuration feature. You can also specify to "Include the original path". So, yes, you can restore your data files you backed up from a computer to another computer. Please know that MBSB is not designed to restore the operating system or applications. Those must be installed on your computer - they cannot be copied to a computer and be expected to work. MBSB is only for data files you create. Please let us know if you have further questions.
  11. Hello Isweezey and welcome to the Malwarebytes Secure Backup (MBSB) support forum. Please let me know what version of MBSB you are using and if you have uninstalled and reinstalled the MBSB application. Even if you have done so, you should uninstall again only MBSB using the Windows 7 Uninstall feature in "Programs and Features". The download the current version from this link and reinstall it: That file name is: mbsb-setup- Also, let me know if you previously were using Windows XP and if you upgraded that OS to Windows 7. The answers to those questions will help shed a little light on this issue.
  12. Hello niverpool and welcome to the Malwarebytes Secure Backup support forum. For this issue we would like to provide you with more individualized assistance, please submit a Helpdesk ticket at this link: I would ask that you put in the subject line "from forum post for Nan" which will ensure I will get the ticket. In the meantime I will review the DDS reports you provided, for which I thank you. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.
  13. Hello TotalTech_Admin and welcome to the Malwarebytes Secure Backup (MBSB) support forum. My name is Nan and I'll be helping you today. The requirement for MBSB and is you need to be using an account that has local administrator privileges. Specifically, your user account needs to be added to the local Administrator group on your computer. Once that is done and you have rebooted the computer, the request for Admin privileges should not display. If it does, simply exit out of the installer, right-click, select "Run as Administrator" and it should install without complaint. If this problem persists, please submit a Helpdesk ticket at this link and we will be happy to help you.
  14. No problem, michguy. I will address your concerns in the ticket you submitted. Thank you for doing so. Sincerely,
  15. Hello michguy and welcome to the Malwarebytes Secure Backup (MBSB) forum. My name is Nan and I will be helping you today. For this issue, please submit a Helpdesk ticket so we can provide your more personalized assistance. You may do so at this link: Please ensure your ticket subject is: "Assign to Nan. MBSB account issue". Also, please provide your Cleverbridge Reference number as well so we can look up your account to see how we can help you. Sincerely,