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  1. hi i have used anti-malware the last version on a friend of mine laptop ,running w8.1 well , antimalware find everything and did clean all of them now my question : i have the original dvd (that came with the laptop ) , can i restore all the windows files to be sure they are not corrupeted ? just use the dvd to restore them ? or is there a way to use internet to check all of them and if there is a way , can i use it with w7 and w10? thanks
  2. hi how did you test this file so fast ? thanks have a nice day
  3. hi ok , i haven't upload because in the homepage there is the zip file SyMenu.zip
  4. hi i use this program SyMenu , i start to use it last year ago i'm not an expert but i haven't seen suspicious activity MBAM detects and flags it as Trojan.KeyLogger is it really a false allarm ? thanks
  5. yes , right ,sorry for my poor english
  6. hi the file can't be copied , i all windows ,in my case could no even read by a program i tried to upload to virus total without any luck , in short i could not upload
  7. hi can these files contain malware ? c:\Windows\System32\catroot2\{F750E6C3-38EE-11D1-85E5-00C04FC295EE}\catdb and c:\Windows\System32\catroot2\{127D0A1D-4EF2-11D1-8608-00C04FC295EE}\catdb thanks
  8. hi should i add report? it's a files inside the system reserved partition , i mean lpsg without extension for malwarebyte scanner and eset my pc is clean but can get information about this file
  9. hi i found this file , it weird , because i don't know what is it and i'm the only 1 to have it i googled for it nothing malwarebyte can not detect it and i guess can not scan it because it's in the windows 7 sp1 system reserved partition i uploaded it hope somebody can check it , i sent to virus total but i have found nothing , for virus total is 100% free lpsgthanks help.rar
  10. hi thanks i guess i will install malwarebyte for android ,just to be safe do you suggest to install an antivirus too ? i don't install app from another site then google play thanks a lot Armando!
  11. hi thanks can not use www.metascan-online.com , it gave me an error The scan was not completed because the number of files in the archive exceeds 500. don't know the meaning impressive impressive , why is android so flagged by malware ? ios and black barry are almost safe by the way for virus total it's 100% clean so the just like i wrote download from google play is safe
  12. hi i really love malwarebyte ,that i have bought the pro version even i use on demand , i bought for the the amazing support i would like to ask few question about the android version about the android security i'm really a noob 1) is the infection of malware related to google play apps ? i mean are there app in google play dangerous 2) is the infection of malware related to apps installed from other sites ? i know i can't talk about it , but sorry for my poor english , about other site i mean paid version downloaded for free 3) is the infection of malware caused surfing using chrome? thanks ps: i have a app mod dangerous to install (i have not installed) , i have scanned with malwarebyte and it told me it's clean can malwarebyte for windows scan such file apk and find malware ?
  13. thanks Kevin are you sure ? are they present on a clean install w7 64bit install? because i did the same (i use a vm , clean install and i did not find them) sorry Kevin , my english is pretty nice poor , the red warning it worried me
  14. Hi thanks for the answer , i can't understand the reason of the quote... i use peerblock for skype privacy , block malware and adware for firefox ,sometime adblock plus is not enough i noticed they are not present in a clean install of w7 i have really few softwares installed ,legit and freeware now about these registry keys , i google them i got so many antivirus pages i would like to know if they could be a risk or i would like to know which program did create such keys thanks
  15. Hi i run w7 sp1 64bit security software -> eset smart security v5 , peerblock and malwarebytes i got these registry entries i run a full scan of eset ,clean , i run a full scan of malwarebyte clean but when i google these key i got many av warnings these keys are LEGACY_IPFILTERDRIVER & IpFilterDriver i exported these keys , maybe someone could take a look at these keys , i would appreciate it a lot thanks registy.rar