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  1. I've been in the computer/IT field for 20 years and couldn't get rid of the problems. I chalked it up to getting older until I saw your age! You now have a grateful and humble friend to add to your ever growing list. Thank you sir!

  2. Seems to be working great! No pop-ups, redirects and no curser freezeups! Thank you sir!
  3. Updated and ran MlawareBytes. The reults are attached. mbam-log-2012-05-23 (12-20-06).txt
  4. I ran ESET again. No infected files and the log.txt file was exactly like the other one. Norton Security suite and Bit Defender were turned off.
  5. No it didn't. but it said more than the log file. I ran it twice because I couldn't even find the log file from the 1st scan. I will run it again just to make sure. I've attached a screen shot of the last finished scan.
  6. Here is the ESET scan log. log.txt
  7. No idea what those files were. But it looks like they were removed. Here is the 2nd ComboFix log. ComboFix2.txt
  8. Here's the ComboFix log. It locked up on stage 4. Found a Norton scanner that wasn't disabled. Re-ran and was successful. ComboFix.txt
  9. Here are the results of the TDSSKiller scan TDSSKiller.
  10. Ran OTL, but when it was scanning Chrome settings, a pop up said "List index is out of bounds (845)." OTL then froze up. I attached a screen shot.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply! I followed your instructions and attached the Rogue Killer report. I somehow missed those 2 programs or they were installed after the last time I had checked. Either way, great heads up! RKreport1.txt
  12. I'm really stumped on this one! When it became apparent that I had a virus/malware, I ran my usual scans; Malwarebytes, Norton Anti-virus, Adaware and showed zero infections. It appears that something is periodically running in the background as indicated by the circle next to the curser and confirmed by Task Manager and Resorce Monitor. The computer runs sluggish at times and the curser will freeze up. Then it "breaks loose" and everything runs normal. Please help! Thanks! DDS.txt Attach.txt