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  1. I posted that log to the Highjackthis website and they say it's clean! So I'm really lost on this I can't find anything with anything I have ran but somehow I still can not update anything
  2. I musty have a viurs somewhere. I have done everything asked still no luck. The "TRACKRT" come back with "Over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 General Failure. Trace complete" I have included a Highjackthis log just incase it helps you out, I don't know what else to do here INFO_log_2.txt
  3. I am running (Windows 7 Ultimate 64) On my HP DV6700 notebook with (Mbam free 1.46) None of my antivirus will update! When trying to update MB I get error "MBAM_ERROR_UPDATING(12029, 0, winhttpsendrequest)" No other error is given. I also have AVG free and Adaware witch will not update. IE will get online but crashes alot, FireFox will not connect or update, Google Chrome will not connect or update. I went online to HouseCall to do a scan it downloads a file but soon as it trys to update it crashes. So in other words Nothing to do with antivirus will update on my computer, not even in safe mode! I have read and tryed everything I could on this forum did every step from this post As well as two other posts with no luck. I have tryed scanning with AVG, Adaware, MB and Hijackthis I see nothing out of place in any of it. I uninstalled all my antivirus and ran mbam-clean.exe I reinstalled with no luck nothing I have tryed shows malware of any kind. I have a lot of computer knowledge but this has me stumped. I have tryed everything I know to do. I have attached the MB info file from the bug reporting I don't know if that helps mbam_info.txt