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  1. I lost it when the policeman pulled out his gun at shot at the snake.
  2. Well, I for one can't wait. I have a deadly concoction of anti-malware + anti-spyware programs running in my memory. If they take one down, I have others waiting. I do think I am being too paranoid. Knowing the speed of Malwarebytes, they would stop it before they could execute the first letter.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Really looking forward to it. I love the program and I think you all are doing a fine job.
  4. Hey guys, First I want to say I love the product. I use it as a backup for my other anti-virus in case all else fails. It's a really neat program. I do however, have a question. The other day I was just testing to see if my anti-malware programs (including MalwareBytes) were working correctly. Thankfully, all of them passed. However, I decided to branch out and test something, based on something I saw on the internet. I created a wannabe-virus batch file that had the following interally: "taskkill /F /IM mbamgui.exe" and, to my surprise, it worked. It disabled my realtime protection. I tried it with my other anti-virus and it didn't work (said access was denied). I'm just a little worried, that a virus might be able to shut down my MalwareBytes. Am I being too paranoid?