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  1. Hi dlake, Not sure how the ball was dropped. I sent you a PM just now. Please reply as directed and we'll get you fixed up. Sorry for the tardy response. Terry
  2. Hi Patrik, I forwarded your request to our European office. They will follow up with you. Our product cannot be used as you describe. It's also very inconvenient and honestly, not best practice. Malware comes in many forms and Malwarebytes can remove virtually all of it. But some malware, even malware that may be easy to remove, can do damage that is not repairable. Even after the malware has been removed, your valuable data could be damaged or completely inaccessible. Besides running a regular backup (like Malwarebytes Secure backup), it is far better to prevent malware in the first place rather than clean up afterward. Terry
  3. Thank you anonymous02. You are right, we don't currently permit usage of our products in a "for profit" service environment such as what you described. We are working on a solution for small tech shops like this and hope to have something to share by late summer. Thank you for "watching our back" in the meantime. Your ongoing loyalty and support is greatly appreciated.
  4. Welcome to MBAM, MoreDrums!