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  1. Great! Thanks for your reply!
  2. Hello, When I launch MBAM, in Process Explorer, I see a process named "regsvr32.exe" appear and disappear in less than a second. mbam.exe is its parent. Is it normal? Thanks!
  3. Wow, that was quick! Thanks for the thought-out replies, guys! Yes, that is a full scan. But I had ran a quick scan before and it had come up empty, so it should be okay. Good to know that full scans aren't necessary. I won't bother next time! Anyway, I am off to bed! Thanks a lot!
  4. Hello, Quick (silly) question: I started my scan 3 hours ago and really want to go to bed now! Can I suspend the scan, put the laptop in standby mode and resume the scan tomorrow? Will it work just as well? Thanks!