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  1. Sorry, had a few errands to run. That makes sense. Thank you.
  2. Does this virus infect pictures and documents? Do I not have to get rid of the virus first to transfer these?
  3. I purchased a new flash drive as well when I got the new hard drive. I wasn't going to put that one anywhere near a clean computer once I had plugged in into anything connected to that horrible virus. Is it still necessary to use that linked information. Is that what will help get the virus out or just to clean the old flash, which I will or I'll toss it. It wasn't expensive and I don't have anything worth saving on it. I hope this isn't bad to say but they rigged my new computer up with Kaspersky and said I could transfer my licence to two other computers. Is that something that could be of use to me? Or should I re-try your first link with the new flashdrive? I'm just not sure about the camelion thing?
  4. Oh my, sorry, I can follow instructions and know my way around a computer not too bad but I have no idea what "OS". Is that operating system? And if so, is that like Internet Explorer versions. And again, if so, for some reason I think it's a vcombination of IE7 and Vista. And that probably sounds weird and may not be correct. The last one I installed was IE7. I hope that's what you're asking.
  5. That sounds like a really good idea. I've got a couple hundred pictures and quite a few documentson the infected one that I really want though. Is there any other way I could go about getting them? Does formating not erase everything? I've learned a big lesson from this, well actually a couple but back up discs would have been a great thing.
  6. Thank you so much Maniac. I did end up finding this once the panic subsided. It was very hard to navigate anywhere with the state it was in. And I could ill afford it but I ended up taking the plunge and getting a new harddrive. On a good note, I'm very happy with the new Asus. The HP was fine though, prior to this and I'd still really like to get it cleaned up. So I've got a new flash drive and will try this again. When I saw the instructions the first time, I went to a neighbors and downloaded the removal stuff. Plugged it into my infected computer and nothing would open. I think I missed a step though in making it run on their computer and saving the camelion?? Are you able to explain that step a little clearer?
  7. Active Live Security Platinum is popping up all over the place, telling me all sites are going to harm my computer. I've downloaded the Malwarebyte scan 3 times and it won't allow me to run it. I went to the start and tried to get into the malwarebyte help, but again, it won't allow me to open anything. I really need some help. Do I need to take my computer in or are you experts able to to assist with this? CJ